For best results with all our Facials and IPL treatments, it is recommended that the prescribed home care products are used Morning and Night.

Deep Cleanse                   $85.00

Perfect for the clogged skins
Includes: Cleanse, Exfoliant,Deep Cleanse, Extraction and Mask

Classic Facial                     $85.00

Indulgent & addictive this facial is perfect for dull sallow skins in need of a bit of rejuvenation
Includes, Cleanse, Exfoliant, Facial Massage and Mask

Oxygenation Treatments   -  $115

Perfect for all skins in need of vitality & radiance

Includes: Cleanse, Oxygenation Treatment & Facial Massage



Skin Peels are clinical strength results orientated corrective treatments with truly visible results and long term durability.

Prior to any Clinical Skin Peel, your personal practitioner will thoroughly assess your skin using a number of advanced diagnostic skills, consult with you as to the results you wish to achieve and recommend a course of treatments based on your skin care needs and lifestyle demands to ensure results with the least amount of disruption to you schedule.

Lactobotanical ™ Epidermal Peel Series
Premature aged, sundamaged, oily,Clogged, uneven skin toned skins $115.00

Retinol Brulee ™ Medical Strength Anabolic
Resurfacing Treatment Fine lines, wrinkles, visible poresMinor discolourations, muddy complexion $140.00

Jungle Brew™ Amazonian Detox Peel
Spots, excessive oiliness, clogged pores $115.00

Pigment Punch™ Clarity Peel
Brown spots, hormonal marks , skin discolourations $140.00