Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrology is the use of electrical energy to destroy hair germ cells in the papilla.  We use The Blend Method, which is a combination of High Frequency & Galvanic Current, directly into the hair follicle.  
The treatment is a little uncomfortable.  When the current is released into the follicle, a slight stinging sensation is felt.  The side effects are a little redness & soreness in the area immediately after treatment, which settles down in a few hours.
Soothing lotions, aloe vera gel, paw paw ointment or a cool pack can be used to help speed up recovery.  Keeping the area clean will avoid infections.  
This is the traditional method for permanent hair reduction. It is suitable for smaller areas like the face and for blonde or white hair where Intense Pulsed Light or Laser is not applicable.

Minimum charge - 10 minutes              $30.00

30 minute treatment                             $50.00

1 hour treatment                                   $80.00